A date with Destiny!

On December 4th, 2022 The New Rebelution Womens Wrestling Champion, Gisele Shaw appeared live via satellite to issue a challenge to the two women competing that night, Alexia Nicole and former Rebelution Womens Wrestling champion, Kc Spinelli! 

Kc Spinelli would pick up the win and now faces Gisele on January 29th, 2023 at Destiny World Wrestling, at the arena Rebelution kicked off, the Don Kolov Arena! 

Tickets onsale at  www.revelree.ca/event/newbeginnings

We're back!

At Wrestleusion XI, on the one year anniversary of our first title match, Eric Bischoff kicked off The New Rebelution 

Stay tuned for the future of The New Rebelution and current Champion Gisele Shaw !!!

Previous News:

Happy New Year! Join us March 19, 2022 as Rebelution returns home to Mississauga! 

And NEW Rebelution World Champion! KC Spinelli!

KC met the challenge of Impact's Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace in an epic battle at Wrestleusion X and overcame the odds to become the first ever Rebelution World Champion!

KC Spinelli challenges Jordynne Grace to determine the first ever Rebelution World Champion! Live Saturday, October 30, 2021 at the Scotiabank Convention Center, Niagara Falls, ON 6 PM! tickets online at https://cwfwrestling.ca

Jordynne Grace comes to Rebelution this October!

Jordynne Grace isn't waiting, and will challenge the newly crowned Rebelution World Champion live on October 30th at the Scotia Bank Convention Center in Niagara Falls. 

This match sponsored by Outdoor Styles Lawn Maintenance

Tickets on sale now!

August 8, 2021. Rebelution Invades! kicks off...

We will arrive at the CWF Studio to address the lack of women's wrestling since the inception of CWF Adrenaline. 


Holiday Greetings!

A bit of Christmas Cheer from the Women Of Rebelution!

The New Rebelution Women's Wrestling is proud to announce it's partnership with Canadian Wrestling Federation. Working together, we will not only maintain the core of what Rebelution represents, but will take it to bigger heights and a larger audience. 

CWF Website


In light of the recent allegations and people coming forward and speaking out, I wanted to issue a statement on behalf of Rebelution Women's Wrestling. The core of Rebelution was to give female athletes a stage to shine, free of discrimination or harrassment. Our talent are given alot of creative freedom and input to matches we've put together. No one will ever be asked to do anything or pursue a storyline if they do not feel comfortable with it. We have been and intend to stay a family friendly show. We want you to bring your kids, let them be inspired by the many wonderful female athletes we bring in, to look up to as role models, not objects.  As many of my talent know, I am very approachable and have always held an open door policy to discuss ideas, concerns in a fair manner. It saddens me in this day and age we even have to address these issues at all, however, I fully support the people coming forward, the people afraid to come forward and anyone who has issues and concerns. We are here for you. Our locker room has been extremely supportive of each other, working together as a team to provide one goal - entertain and inspire. We have a zero tolerance policy - whether it be talent, staff, or fans - we will not let our athletes be intimidated or harassed. Anyone reported doing so will be removed from our shows without prejudice. We are all in this together. 

Chris Levionnois, Promoter
Rebelution Women's Wrestling 


There is help, if you feel harassed or abused. 

Below is a link to Resources internationally for women who need help in abusive situations

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Learn more about what we do

Welcome to the official website of Rebelution Women's Wrestling

Rebelution Women's Wrestling was born out of the idea that women's wrestling can and should be taken just as seriously as the men's. We wanted to bring together an incredible mix of the top female talent from all levels under one roof, to display their amazing athletic abilities. 

We have created a safe and fun environment for the women of wrestling to call home, and look to become one of the top female promotions in Canada. 

We are based out of the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, home of the Battle Arts Academy. This venue has hosted the best from Impact to Destiny, and Trish Stratus herself has trained in this facility. 

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Rebelution Women's Wrestling offers you the best female athletes in the world, mixed with rising stars from all levels. 

Proud Sponsor of Chaos4K9's

Chaos4k9s is a charity fundraiser organization that is run by a group of people with a love for animals and a deep passion to help them. We host a variety of different events in hopes of raising awareness and donations for animal rescues! Chaos4k9s mission is to bring awareness to animals in need through professional wrestling. All proceeds from our charity events and merchandise; which is available all year long, benefit Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary. In our first two years we have raised over $8,000 towards helping Dog Tales rescue more animals, provide food & shelter and find their Fur-ever homes.

Rebelution returned!

Pandamonium, our second show took place January 11th, at the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga. 

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